Luxury Designer Spa with Lounge Seating

Savour the luxurious full-body relaxation of therapeutic lounge seating for up to six people with the J-575 outdoor spa pool.

Lounge Seat1
Dimensions (m)2.31 x 2.31 x .95-1.07m
Capacity (L)1685Ltr
Price RangeLuxury - $$$$$

Colours to Suit Your Home

Jacuzzi® offers a range of shell and cabinetry colours to lend a luxurious touch to your spa and perfectly complement your décor.

Shell Colours

Cabinetry Colours

J-575 Features

This superbly designed spa offers a vast range of superior features that combine to create the ultimate luxury spa therapy experience.

Therapeutic Lounge Seat

A RX Lounge Seat with hip jets, touted as one of the best feeling seats in any collection, features RX Jets that knead key muscles and nerves to relax the upper and lower back. And, exclusive jets for achy hips, strained wrists and to relieve leg and foot tension give you a full-body hydromassage.

2 ProEdge Waterfalls

Light the scene with the innovative fibre optic ProEdge lighting technology which uses a single LED for an even glow on the entire inside perimeter of the J-575.

ProEdge Illumination

Highlights contours with a revolutionary architectural lighting design integrated into the cabinetry.

Curvalux Designer Woven Cabinet

With it's cutting edge curved design and weatherproof Curvalux exterior, which mimics the weave texture of designer outdoor furniture, the J-500 collection fits seamlessly into luxurious exterior spaces.


View the specifications for the Jacuzzi® J-575 and see how it compares to other spas in the Jacuzzi® range.



Jet Specifics
PowerPro Jets: 6 × FX | 14 × FXR | 2 × NX2 | 6 × FX-LR | 5 × MX2 | 6 × RX | 8 × PX | 2 × FX-D

Jacuzzi Experience

2 ProEdge Waterfalls
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Control System
Jacuzzi ProTouch Glass Control
SmartTub System
SmartTub App
Bluetooth stereo system. Optional*
BLUEWAVE© Stereo with Premium Speakers and Amplified Sub-Woofer

Design & Build Quality

Quick Drain
The quick drain system features a wide diameter valve and 40mm flex hose that makes draining a Jacuzzi® quick and easy. Drains in under 15 minutes.
Cabinet type
Curvalux Designer Woven Exterior
High impact moulded ABS base
Propolymer Foundation
Designed to offer peace of mind, the rigid, one-piece ProPolymer Foundation is made from rugged ABS making it impervious to insects, vermin, rot, decay and rust.

Water Care

5 Stage Filtration
ClearRay UV-C
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Ozone water clarifier Prot3ect
CLEARRAY® PRO3TECT Low Output Ozone Generator
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1 – ProClarity Depth Load Filter, 1 – ProClarity 40 Sq Ft Filter, 1 – ProClear 60 Sq Ft Filter


Programmable LED lighting effects
ProEdge Interior Illumination
Perimeter and cabinet lighting

Energy Efficiency

Spa Cover
ProLast Cover
Full foam


Primary Pump/s
1 speed, 2.0 cont hp (2.6 bhp*)
Secondary Pump
1 speed, 2.0 continuous hp (2.6 brake hp*)
230VAC 50Hz 20A
Circulation pump
ProStream Filter Pump

Similar Spa Pools

If the J-575 isn’t an exact match for what you’re looking for, here’s a selection of similar Jacuzzi spa models to consider that just might fit the bill.




Lounge Seat1
Dimensions (m)2.31 x 2.31 x .95-1.07m2.31 x 2.31 x .95-1.07m2.31 x 2.31 x .95-1.10m
Capacity (L)1685Ltr1,666Ltr1,666Ltr
Price RangeLuxury - $$$$$Luxury - $$$$$Luxury - $$$$$
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